Monday, April 28, 2008

I saw you in the wilderness among the men

Monday, April 28, 2008
Common Law plays a lot of games. She's playing one right now. I couldn't tell you what it is as every shittily designed, patriarchy pleasing yahoo serving game looks the same to me. Me, not so much with the playing. I do like the odd game of Provo with V, although I enjoy it less and less since he began to beat me all the fucking time. But there is one pastime of the video variety that became a true love.

I note that due to what would appear to an unreasonably heavy work load, Fatmamycat is taking a brief break from publishing her much sought after opinions on current affairs, popular culture and all that is horrifically ginger.

I'll be following her lead, due not to pressure work or domestic but rather to the fact that tomorrow, at last, the big day arrives. How I have longed for this. How my fingers have itched for the feel of the controller beneath my hand as I speed through the streets and avenues of Liberty City, mowing down those with the temerity to get in my way and occasionally pausing to get out of the car, stretch my legs, and shoot someone in the fucking head.

But it's not all about the shooting and the blood and the spilling of my unfathomable anger upon the innocents pixels that will soon be wandering about the tv screen. It's mostly about that, of course, but not quite all.

San Andreas, the last full edition of Grand Theft Auto, also contained a compelling storyline, or at least one that compelled the fuck out of me. Twisty and turny it was, filled with well drawn and well drawn characters and some seriously witty dialogue. It also boasted a strong moral centre to go with the optional mass slaughter. By all accounts the follow-up, though slightly smaller in scale, is even more detailed in terms of plot, design and AI. This makes me very excited. This makes me literally (in the new sense of not even remotely literally) cream my pants.

Expect no postings in the coming weeks, then, as Gimme has bigger birds to boil. And if your regular readership of Stranded on Gaia has caused the growth in you of any affection for my children or partner, you may want to drop by and cook them their dinner because I'm fucked if I'm doing it when there's a Liberty City that needs taming.

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17 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Twenty Major said...

I think I'm too busy this week to buy this game. A man can survive on an hour's sleep a night, can't he?

gimme a minute said...

Twenty Major:
I'll let you know.

emordino said...

I remember a lot of people (let's call them "women") being pretty pissed off after SA came out, what with the male population disappearing for several days and then not shutting up about the game once they finally resurfaced. It was a handy way to make friends though - you could wander up to pretty much any stranger and say "So, what mission are you on?"

Good fuckin times.

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

Stay safe out there, Gimme. Some of these pixels are pure evil.

Medbh said...


mwellti said...

I remeber the two of us taking 2 hours to finish a 2 minute forklift driving mission in SA.
I've read that the online is supposed amazing, add "mwellti" to your friends list. I look forward to watching you burn alive from one of my perfectly tossed molotov cocktails.

savannah said...

thank god the MITM has no interest in video games, but then again, he is in deepest, darkest africa..guess video games are rather tame after that... xoxo enjoy the mayhem

Manuel said...

kill em the face......Well I assume that's what you have to do....

gimme a minute said...


I came to SA long after its release and so missed the brotherhood bit. I'll be taking full advantage this time round.

It's a mean street indeed for a man who is not himself mean.

Oh, they'll be fine. You'd be surprised how long a three year old can last on jam and hot chocolate milk.

Well, you are a perfect tosser.

Yes, the forklift incident was embarrassing for all concerned. But there were, as I remember, mitigating circumstances. Though given the size of fucking television, not mitigating enough.

You're probably right.

Hey! They should do an African GTA!

It's a lot more complex than that, dude.

You can kill 'em in the knee too.

Conan Drumm said...

A bit like Tetris, is it?

Manuel said...

hope you took time to watch the match.....

Twenty Major said...

Fucking useless Catalan cunts.

V said...

Milito, Zambrotta, Eto, Rohnaldino and Toure need to sling their hook, that was dreadful..
Well, that's it more football till August. Just GTA from now on..I'm sure you are half way through it by now.

gimme a minute said...

Very like Tetris. And very like a whale.

I had it streaming on the laptop beside me. But I was paying it scant attention.

Twenty Major:
So I gather. Coincidentally I learned how to speak Catalan with Cesc on my way to work today.


Not looking forward to the international tournament this summer, then?

savannah said...

so, are you winning the war, sugar? *snickering*

Manuel said...

@ twenty HA!

Twenty Major said...

Coincidentally I learned how to speak Catalan with Cesc on my way to work today.

Very useful phrases too, if I remember correctly.

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