Sunday, May 25, 2008

A poor man's made outta muscle and blood

Sunday, May 25, 2008
Common Law goes back to work tomorrow. My father Finbar, his lovely wife Janice and my demi-soeur who's anonymity I shall preserve, arrive from Canada on Tuesday. Wednesday, we all go for dinner. And the day after, I don't know, I suppose my fucking arms will fall off or something.

You want I should address these issues? You'd like to hear me bitch about my imminently increased workload? You feel the need for me to plunge into an Oedipal rant of misplaced rage and guilt? You desire a diatribe on the dodginess of my shoulder joints?

Well, move the fuck along, all that this shit is is another notch on the increasingly elusive twenty in a month bedpost. Expect duck and bike pictures all the way to the 31st.

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7 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

problemchildbride said...

Huh. I didn't think Data had got you a real duck. Why not I'm not sure.

So, a duck then. Does it keep well in itself? I'm sure there are duck tricks you could teach it. A duck, eh. That must have been a surprise.

Nice to hear CL's back on her feet. Here's hoping the rest of the year plays a little more smoothly for her.

Common Law said...

heh heh.
I read that as 'here's hoping the rest of the year's plays go a little more smoothly.'
Either way I hope so too! Ta PCB

fatmammycat said...

Glad to hear you're back at it CL.

Gimmie, is there playstation involved here?

Conan Drumm said...

Eh, Finbar and Janice... are they in an Irish version of the Rocky Horror?

gimme a minute said...

I'm teaching it to crouch suddenly in avoidance of flying objects.

Common Law:
Shouldn't you be working?

At the wedding? At the dinner? I'm a little lost...

I know my GTA playing brother will not be over, I'm not sure if the sister is a fan.

Yes, yes they are. Or will be by Sunday morning.

Medbh said...

Yay for Common Law!

gimme a minute said...

Oh jebus. Me! Me! It's about me!

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