Friday, May 9, 2008

Portfolios, artichokes, everybody needs a smoke

Friday, May 9, 2008
We gave up on the Irish Toss. Threw in the paper towel. Until recently we had Geraldine's Rag delivered to our door every morning in time for a quick breakfast scan. But in a spate of credit crisis inspired financial panic we discarded this luxury. When I informed the paper delivery guy of our decision he looked at me as if he was going to continue coming around at six every morning, not to deliver but to scream abuse at us for taking away his livelihood. 'Consume motherfuckers!' he looked like he was planning to shout, 'Consume!' So I set him on fire. he went up like a paper boy.

So now I have no fucking clue what's happening on the planet. I could read the internet I suppose, but I do enough of that already and there is little chance of competing with Dear Lover or Conor's 'beard'.

Keeping me afloat in my knowledge of world affairs boat is a semi-regular perusal of the odd current affairs blog and I have noticed a huge ignoring of what seem to me to be major stories. Wasn't there a hurricane or some shit somewhere in the last few days? Why is every fucker ignoring this? I gotta quote Mr le Sac here: 'Thou shalt give equal worth to tragedies that occur in non-English speaking countries as to those that occur in English speaking countries.' Or not, presuming you are a bogged down by boring bollox blogger. Thou shalt dismiss this shit as being unworthy of your analysis.

I kind of get this though. It's in some far away country, they're all darkies of one kind or another and let's face it, that whole tsunami thing a while back kind peaked us out as far as concern for the naturally doomed disaster sufferers.

But how about Georgia? No, not the state you ridiculously insular, Yanks. This I don't fucking get. White people, if not English speaking. Little country, in dispute with even smaller country. Little country supported by big power, even littler country supported by other big power. Military build-up on the boarders. Fucking Franz Ferdinand anyone? And yet nobody seems interested. I may be misreading this completely. I most likely am. But the responsibility for my ignorance lies squarely on the shoulders of the current affairs cunts who are spectacularly failing to produce prejudiced, reactionary, fascistic analysis.

Sort it out people, don't make me grasp for Google News, and for the love of Michael, please don't force me to support the new flame-proof paperboy,

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6 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Sniffle&Cry said...

And Dan plays tonight in scumbag central’s own Trinity Rooms. You may need to freshen up your pale complexion.

The real and only news Gimme, is whether our super blues can beat Monaghan United this evening, and maybe, whether Microsoft United can get a result in Wigan Sunday.

I used to be a philatelist but then my back gave out. They had tea leaves on their stamps you know, before they locked that girl up in her kitchen for twelve years. She makes tea now for the junta.

You’re better off with love letters and beards, the rest is just so much war and Hotspur and Victor

niceonetom said...

for directing me to that dan le sac video. i enjoyed it exceedingly.

good blog.

Dear Lover said...

Personally, the war and Hotspur and Victor appeal.

But that's just me.

savannah said...

how did you find that video for the title?

and no, i have no response regarding the rest of your entry because you're right. so, i guess that is a response. i retract the previous statement regarding no response and submit to you that i do, indeed, have a response. (that's how our governments keep us distracted from real policy and information - convoluted speech and trivia) (but you know that)

Medbh said...

I just noticed Twisty added to your blog roll.

gimme a minute said...

I missed him in Dublin two nights ago. Judging from Youtube though the live experience isn't quite up to it.

Instant classic.

The next big thing -just a band.

Dear Lover:

I was more into the Eagle, though I was still reading Buster at 16.

Common Law found it. I told her what the post was about and sent her on her merry YouTube way.

It's fucking class, isn't it?

She's there a while. Think she'll add me back? Ahahahahahha!

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