Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sé do bheatha, a bhean ba léanmhar

Tuesday, May 6, 2008
u typify exactly wat is wrong with a large portion of Irish people; more British than the Brits themselves!!!!! u mak me sick an soooo angry, how can u even call yourself irish? no nation would wantu as a citizen!!!!

This in response to my Irish language rant.

And my reresponse: Gabh suas ort féin.

There. I made the effort to research, spell and punctuate the Irish language correctly. In future you might consider extending the same courtesy to English.

Now don't you go continuity bombing me.

Today's title

8 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

fatmammycat said...

Fuck!!! It is totes rite!!! UR totes a Fucken paddy! Rite!!! And dont even tink bout de9ing it!!! Thuir dom and cáca Milise!!!

Rosie said...

I made the effort to research, spell and punctuate the Irish language correctly...

"I asked Rosie, because she promotes bilingual swearing (and also because I thought -erroneously- that it was somehow her fault)."

savannah said...

you can't please everyone, sugar.

aside: i just watched the "wind that shakes the barley" this weekend.

V said...

They are a dying breed. From heroic pretensions to comic racism, they have no life left, they are dead in their discourse of exclusion, rscism and refication of borders. Good riddance.

The wind that shakes the barley is shite. It proves that improvised historical drama is gee.

Sam, problemchildbride said...

Careful, Gimme, you'll wake up one of these mornings with the severed head of a lamb beside you in the bed.

The Gaelic mafia are no respecters of prime lamb. They are mama's recipe mutton men and that might be where it all starts.

Medbh said...

Don't you hate when people get all snotty about something you wrote ages ago? You missed the window, buddy, so move on.

emordino said...

Much similar fun is to be had browsing random Bebo profiles. Statistically, you're never more than two clicks away from some hypernationalistic Up The RA cunt who, despite the sheer volume of bullshit to the contrary, has never been within a hundred miles of the North in his feeble, slack-scrotumed life.

gimme a minute said...

A little too restrained on the exclamation marks there, Fats!!!!!!!! Any sentence that is not followed by at least four of those bad boys doesn't want to be taken seriously!!!!!!!

When it comes to the Gaeilge my asking of Rosie is now understood here on Stranded.

And I did retract that accusation pretty sharpish once I had engaged my brain.

I'd be worried if I was pleasing that illiterate tosspot.

I haven't seen that 'The Wind that shakes the barley.' Common Law reviewed it thusly: 'It was good until we started shooting each other then it got kind of embarrassing.'

Not as dying as you'd like to think. There's a whole new generation of these muppets emerging. And they'll all be voting 'No', just for you.

Mmmmm, baby sheep brains. I won't need my protein shake that morning.

They do provide post fodder for those bereft of ideas.

Slack-scrotumed. Sweet.

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