Thursday, May 8, 2008

Talk about the moon floatin' in the sky

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shut the fuck up. Just shut the fuck up. The fuck are you doing in here anyway? Don’t you know that meatheads hate cardio? Are you unaware that when, once in a blue fucking moon, you do deign to lower yourself to the exercise choice of the skinny that you’re just supposed to stick that gradient on Kilimanjaro and stumble up the threadmill (sic) for fifteen minutes or so? Spin is for the obese, the anorexic and the odd athlete. Juice junkies need not apply.

I’m being unfair, elitist. I know. I'm sorry. I take it back. All are welcome. I’ll take the old, the infirm, those of middling build and body fat. I’ll take even you, you fucking lifter, you. But for serious guys, just shut the fucking fuck up. I’m talking here. I’m giving it loads on the technique, the encouragement, the mindless screaming of abuse. And if people can hear you discussing what Saoirse said to Fiachra while he was going down on Fionn over my newly micced up dulcet tones then you are speaking too loudly. Stop it you spotty steroid enhanced spa brain. This is a place of effort, pain and vomit inducing suffering, not a fucking knitting circle. Take your inane conversation elsewhere.

And hey there, on your way out, could you stop being so muscley? It’s real fucking annoying. Thank you.

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Medbh said...

Those guys won't be back. Spin class isn't butch enough for the meat heads.
We've been plagued with this guy who groans and grunts when he lifts to such a distracting degree. I told Mr. M that the dude has to be single. I've dubbed him Mr. Angry McMacho.

savannah said...

Mr. Angry McMacho

that is hilarious and too telling for words! i might have to use that phrase soon

savannah said...

btw, when did the today's title youtube thing start? i just noticed it the other day and meant to ask...pretty cool!

antimatter said...

Are you in anyway related to Brian O'Nolan?
Check out Bob Dylan's radio theme hour (if you haven't already done so)

gimme a minute said...

They were in tonight. It was all I could do not to slip them a card with the bleugh address.

Started a couple of days ago and went back a bit too. Glad you like it. Tomorrow's is a humdinger.

That's quite the compliment. What do you want from me?

I'm a long time fan of Theme Time. Common Law thinks he's faking the voice.

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