Thursday, June 19, 2008

Needn't bother watching next week

Thursday, June 19, 2008
V: I hate nationalists.

Gimme: Well, they are fucking cunts.

V: Fucking Germans again.

Gimme: You know it. I was wearing my Schweinsteiger top. Go the fucking fatherland.

V: It's turning into the same old crap. Italy will beat Spain and Holland will collapse in the final leaving a munting hoofing Wimbledon look-a-like outfit with a fucking cup......again.

Gimme: Are you referring to Italy?

V: Italy, Germany, Croatia, Turkey and Russia, pig ugly. Holland, Spain, kissy lips fancy trainers.

Gimme: Kissy lips fancy trainers?

V: Yes.

23 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Manuel said...

hhahahahahaha....I've got turkey in the sweep.....that's a fiver down the swannie then.......

kiki said...

croatia are the hottest chicks out of all the teams left, surely.
or were you talking about the men?

i pulled italy in the sweep...

Sniffle&Cry said...

What about the 7th nation army humming chanting thing?

Kissy lips, fancy trainers - Eamon Dunphy move over.

Football will the winner Gimme.

Twenty Major said...

Dunphy - "Holland look good but they haven’t played a proper team yet"

Brady - "They beat Italy 3-0 and France 4-1, two WC finalists. What do you mean a proper team?"

Dunphy - "Sweden"

Conan Drumm said...

I'm not watching any matches but I reckon Spain will win. Are they still in it?

fatmammycat said...

That Dunphy, what a kidder he is oy!
My three-fiddy is on Holland, assuming they don't choke.

gimme a minute said...

They might do a Greece. I might cut the grass today.

Forget the ladies, it's that Slaven Bilic who makes me all weak at the knees.

I don't share V's pessimism, though I am happy for Italy to be more boring than Greece if it means the cup.

Eamon is a misunderstood genius. If you had read his biography of U2 you'd know this.

They are. The smart money is on them choking at some point though. Hopefully on Sunday.

My head agrees, though my heart crys 'No!'.

Hard to see anyone causing them too much bother in their current form.

V said...

I have Real and Chelsea to thank for the always horrible sight of a load of celebrating Germans who hadn't a hope yesterday.

fatmammycat said...

Apart from themselves of course. But I have high hopes.

Twenty Major said...

Eamon is a misunderstood genius. If you had read his biography of U2 you'd know this.

Bar 'The Damien Rice story' by Phil Collins I can't possibly think of a book I'd like to read less.

Although Dunphy's book from when he was a Milwall player is really rather good.

Manuel said...

Go Turkey Go Turkey Go Turkey!!!!

savannah said...

so when does this all end, sugar? ;-)

Medbh said...

I don't get the car parades here. Which ever team wins, a bunch of folks get into their cars, hang a flag out the window and honk the horn through the city.
It's a nuisance.

fatmammycat said...

Le sigh, first the Eurovision now this.

gimme a minute said...

No one celebrates like the Germans. Did thy march on the piazza?

That was a good book, but nowhere near as magnificent as 'My Defence: Winning, Losing, Scandals and the Drama of Germany 2006'.

Pity they barely have eleven players eligible for the semis.

All too soon, siúcra, all too soon.

Yay! Sounds cool. It makes me happy that the beautiful game is inflicting itself on the streets of Toronto.

The better team won it, though.

V said...

The Germans sang like they were in the stadium. The Portuguese were scared. There was tension between the groups, someone slapped the fruit machine. I expect a bit more excitement tonight, either way.

fatmammycat said...

Tell THAT to my fiddy.

V said...


Well played Italy. Well fought.

L-Driver said...

RSA spokesman Brian Farrell said more than one-third of provisional drivers have applied for a driving test. With a rate of 12,000 tests being conducted per week, this represents just 10 weeks' work.

But he said many candidates are now getting called for a test much sooner than they might have expected, and as a result "are deferring their test or turning up poorly prepared".

He added: "Candidates need to realise that that they will now get called quickly."

However he said any driver who needs a test before the law changes on June 30 will be accommodated, even at short notice.

Absolute lies. I was just on to the RSA wondering where the test I applied for in February was and they offered me a slot on July 24th.

When I asked the young man on the phone about this pledge he just said 'We'll get you a test as early as we can but there's nothing available at your test centre until then'.

L-Driver said...

Sorry that comment was for fatmammycat's site.

gimme a minute said...

I would, but your fiddy is off dolling itself up for the party in the pocket of whoever got Russia in the sweep.

Take your fucking condescension somewhere else. Everything went exactly according to plan.

Spain beating Italy on penalties is as unnatural as a half human, half Mary Harney genetic hybrid.

I can see how you might have gotten us confused.

V said...

Once again proving that sarcasm causes problems on blogs, I was being serious that time.

gimme a minute said...

I never thought you were being sarcastic. I thought you were being condescending.

I still think this.

Come on you Ruskies.

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