Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not just once, not just twice

Sunday, October 19, 2008
I try to maintain high standards in my on-line life. Not posting endless youTube clips. Slagging off those who do. Going on chat, talking with like-minded people, slagging off those who do. Those kind of high-standards. I'm always setting standards, it must be said, and often failing miserably to rise anywhere near them.

So a youTube clip. 

Just the one. 

Not this, which extracted a laugh from even the reticent Riker, because everyone's seen it and has their own opinion.

Not this, via Bock, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and full of an unrealistic hope of a world gone not so wrong.

No, nor even this, which I link to whenever I can, on bicycle fora, on political blogs, on Boney M fansites, for reasons too sordid to explain here.

But this, yes it be this:

Yeah, it's fucking Radiohead. Get over it. And anyway, they're wearing bicycle helmets.

8 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Radge said...

I prefer Reckoner, and was once told I look like Colin Greenwood.

I don't look like anyone called Colin.

Manuel said...

the only good youtubes are the ones with monkey waiters.....

gimme a minute said...

I had a friend called Colin Merry in school.

'Merry as in Christmas!' he would say, endlessly.

It never got old. For him.

You could tell that from the way everyone kept sending them to you, huh?

Conan Drumm said...

Humph, I got turned off youtube when I heard it used in the same sentence as 'viral marketing'. Yes, I am old.

antimatter said...

Thank you.That's fucking cla! I saw Thom Yorke in the street a couple of weeks ago. I might have said something to him if I had seen that. It's probably just as well.
Sorry to hear that nobody in your life shares your appreciation of Dylan. I love the whiney old git.
I was wondering. Do you ever read Charlie Brooker? If not, you should. Right up your street. I laughed out loud this morning at his review of the telly coverage of the presidential debate.

Rosie said...

you've almost put me off Thom.


gimme a minute said...

That's like closing your Martin Amis, because Cecelia Ahern also writes books.

You big goofball.

You are the second person to push me towards Brooker this very week.

I like, I like.

There are plenty of people who find bike helmets super fucking sexy.

There are also plenty of necrophiliacs.

Manuel said...

only the smart people......the people who love both monkeys and waiters......

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