Friday, October 17, 2008

My heart is not weary, it's alive and it's free

Friday, October 17, 2008
The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed a certain theme in the names of this week's posts. Or fucking not. Perhaps people do not obsessively google my every slaved-over title. Perhaps people are losers.

New Dylan out this week, folks, and it's a fucking cracker. I hadn't been keeping up with Zimmerman gossip so it kind of came as a surprise. The unsought often means that little bit extra to me.

Yeah, yeah, you all hate Dylan. Everyone in my life hates Dylan, pack of tasteless tossers that they are. But there hasn't been a Bootleg Series like this since the very first release of Volumes 1-3. One of the multiple new versions of Mississippi has been played, my iTunes tells me, exactly 33 times over the last three days. There has been much room leaving on the part of The Bridge Crew, much sighing, volume-adjusting and can we please not listen to thising from Common Law.

If you did Bodypump or spin this week you'll have heard it too. Because I'm picking the music, fuckers, and you need to hear this. Allow me to grab you by your lycra and pull you close and breathe these words in your face: 'We're all boxed in, nowhere to escape.'

The original Mississippi was always a favourite, but this new one, oh my good sky full of fire, this one does something to me, something way deep down, that you will be desperate for me to not describe. And so I shall refrain.

There's also a 'Most of the Time' which sounds like it could have come from 'Blood on the Tracks'. Just Robert, guitar, and face organ, free from the disgustingly U2ish Lanois layering that threatened to marr the brilliance of the 'Oh Mercy' original. This has made me both sniffle and cry twice already. It's so fucking jaunty, you see. Jaunty heartbreak, it breaks my jaunty heart.

Loads of mouth-watering new-to-me material too, but you don't want to fucking hear it do you? Hear it or hear about it. So I'll let you go now, off to your mundane non-Dylan soundtracked lives. Just so's you know: 'The emptiness is endless, cold as the clay, you can always come back, but you can't come back all the way.'

Oh, and I think I've swung a ticket to Cyndi for tomorrow night. I'm fucking large, folks. You know the rest of the quote.

Today's Title and if you just can't stand that nasally whine, The Lyrics

16 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Anonymous said...

I am going to see Cyndi in Tripod tomorrow night. I hope I don not run into you. I have also seen Bob Dylan in concert five times. In addition to that I have had the distinct privilege of meeting him twice. He is completely lovely, a genuine person, his presence and warmth can be felt as soon as he sets foot in the room. So if you really are that big of a fan I strongly urge you to start being more like your idol, stop the never ending moanathon you are running, the Ooooh my life is so hard bollocks is getting tiresome. Start to appreciate your children and partner instead of continually insulting them. The lady deserves a medal for putting up with such rubbish. Posting a meandering rant of insults with a little snipped of how much you really “love” them is pathetic If children are such a pain and a bore you should not have had any. And as for never ending cleaning and caring you do, I don’t mean to upset you but that it called life moreover responsibility, be like Mr. Dylan take it, embrace and get the fuck on with it. I hope to God your children never stumble across your blog.

Twenty Major said...

And here endeth the sermon from the book of Nonny, chapter 14, reading 6 - 'And the holier than thou did spout shite on a blog'.

But Gimme, I urge you not to be more like Dylan. You're woolly headed and tedious enough as it is.

stipes said...

think I might add this to my collection.
@ anon, did you see the documentary "don't look back"
What a fuckin' prick.
Almost as arrogant as Bono

Common Law said...

Anonymous - I've met Bob Dylan. He says you're a prick.

Anonymous said...

In fairness Terms and Conditions / Common Law you are hardly going to agree.

gimme a minute said...

71 return visits in the last two weeks, 22 pageloads in the last two hours. Even I don't read my blog that much. Mortgage business slow much?

Seriously though, why are you here? Do you kind of fancy me a little bit? That's okay, that's cool, but you have to know that it can never happen with us. We're too different. I can spell. You own chickens. It just won't work.

Thanks for your visits, though. I do enjoy the adoration.

Twenty Major:
Today, I am mostly being Dylan '66, hugely haired and speeding off my face.

So yes, tedious for everyone else, but lots of fun for me.

Really, it's very special.

Geniuses tend to be cunts though, don't they? I mean, look at me.

Common Law:
I have a medal for you here. You might prefer a back rub or a lie-in, but Nonny has spoken and a medal it shall be.

Anonymous said...

Fair play get a guy sacked.

Common Law said...

Anonymous- I'm only telling you what Bob said.

problemchildbride said...

"his presence and warmth can be felt as soon as he sets foot in the room"

Was he on fire?

Later, in the same meandering rant of insults, Anonymous goes on to criticize Gimme for "Posting a meandering rant of insults." It's like Mr. Stupidity shagged Miss Irony and spawned a little Anonymous Stupirony. Or Irupidity of Anon is a boy, obviously.

Is that really Nonny?

I did not know Bob had a new album out. Bootleg 1-3 played me through my 2nd year in Glasgow and, along with rather a lot of grown-up apple-juice, made me sporadically very happy.

I'll be checking it out.

fatmammycat said...

That blasted song! I had to listen to it on the way back from the cinema last week-however(!) and I can't believe I'm saying this- it was marginally better than the fucking underwater whale music the paramour makes me listen to whenever he's driving.

gimme a minute said...

Yeah, me mentioning mortgages is going to get you fired, not your spending every working hour reading and commenting unhingedly on blogs.

It's her alright.

How can she be in New York and Tripod at the same time? Ours is not to reason, Sam, ours is not to reason.

No greater paraise could you have bestowed upon The Bob than 'Marginally better than the fucking underwater whale music'.

You are talking about Bowie, right?

fatmammycat said...

Christ no, some other group he's discovered. I couldn't tell you what they're called. But I and a cast of Belugas could probably sing you a few of their ditties.

Medbh said...

I told you that Nonny was a dude.

gimme a minute said...

There's a town in Alaska called Beluga. Population 32.

I don't know this because I had to google 'beluga'. How would I not know what a beluga is? Who is that ignorant?

I think the 'guy' thing might have been intended as non-gender specific.

But you're right about so much other stuff, that I'm going to go with you on this one.

stipes said...

got it. listening to it now.
I'll get back to ya.
( also picked up a gem for a fiver)

Medbh said...

Gimme, in all my days I have never referred to myself as a guy.
Not once.

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