Monday, November 3, 2008

And maybe it's a woman or a black man after all

Monday, November 3, 2008
B to the a to the r to the r to the a to the c to the you get the fucking idea.

I did my election spin tonight and Obama Girl is in my head, shaking her booty in my brain, forgetting to vote in the primary of my frontal lobe. I wanted to do South Park's P Diddy singing 'Vote or Die' too, but the lines 'I like it when you vote bitch, shake them titties when you vote bitch, I slam my jimmy through your mouth roof, now get yo’ big ass in the polling booth' gave me rare pause. What a pussy I am.

He's going to win, right? Right? Right?

Yeah, yeah, I fucking know, it makes no difference. They're both owned by the corporations, they'll both continue to pump cash they don't have into the Israeli military, they're both fucking Christians. But still, but still. I don't fucking know, I have hope, I guess. I'm a sucker for that hope shit. I think maybe the world would just be a slighly better place if the man from Moneygall got the gig. And really, the idea of President Palin is something of clincher for any person with an ounce of human fucking decency.

I find it so much easier to care about shit over which I have no control. Football. Fáilte Towers. My fragile mental health. And so, I care. I care an awful lot and if these cunts somehow manage to steal my pointless hope, then my grumpiness of the past two weeks is going to look like a fucking Care Bear stare.

His Granny just died. Check fucking mate.

12 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Sniffle&Cry said...

K Gimme, Fernando Obama Torres V Rory McCain long throw Delap. And, as a straight pal once said to me about Liam Gallagher or some such, “ I’d ride him”.
I have hope too.

Conan Drumm said...

Got to be very selective about the hooks you hang your hopes on.

stipes said...

his granny died, and he was ahead in the polls anyway.
I wonder what odds Paddy Power is giving on assination.

stipes said...


Medbh said...

He's going to win.
I have the champagne in the fridge to prove it.

gimme a minute said...

He reminds me of Henry in his heyday.

I totally would.

I take your point. But hanging them on McPalin is hardly a better option.

They wouldn't give me odds, the cunts.

Don't be such a jinxer, Mrs Jinxy.

problemchildbride said...

i have my champagne too. It's 10am here and I'm wondering whether I should opne it now - not to be premature, you understand, I'm not taking a thing for granted - but becasue I need something to dull my flippy floppy, waggling stomach nerves - beads of alcohol to weigh them down and make me settle into a smiley fug for the day.

gimme a minute said...

Do it, Sam. I'm thinking it's about time for a cocktail myself.

Bad news though, McCain took Compton.

problemchildbride said...

well, just a wee one couldn't hurt. It's fucking history we're watching after all, right?

Hey, wahttup? I come from a bloodline well used to justifying the use of alcohol to itself.

Kim Ayres said...

There’s something very familiar about these US Elections.

11 years ago, Britain had put up with a generation of right-wing corruption, sleeze, arrogance and promotion of selfishness over the community minded.

Then along came a young(ish), calm, moderate man who talked about caring, compassion and a brighter future. And I wanted to believe.

After years of feeling disempowered, of feeling nothing I said nor did made any difference, the hope I felt was overwhelming.

Of course, I also knew Tony Blair was a politician, which meant he couldn’t be completely trustworthy, but I wanted to believe so much.

Surely this time would be different.

Surely this time I could put our cynicism to one side.

Surely this time, we had a genuine human being, one of us, in power.

Was it the power he had went to his head? Was he always a dodgy bastard who just knew the right words to say and it took until Iraq for us to find out?

Either way the idea I should ever have allowed myself to be naïve enough to believe, was finally laid to rest.

There are no messiahs, no matter how much I might want otherwise.

Good luck America.

After that, I need a hot chocolate with extra flake

savannah said...

it's 170 hrs here on the east coast of the good ole us of a, sugar. i've been packing all day and not watching the news. i have friends working as poll watchers here in town and everything seems to be moving along smoothly. in a few hours, i'll go up and turn the tv on while i pack up the rooms. i have hope, too, gimme. hope that obama will win and that my country will once again take its place in the community of nations and begin the work to undue the damage the last 8 years under dubya has wrought not only here, but abroad. obama is not the savior, but he is the best hope for america now!

savannah said...

man, oh man, oh man! what a country!

President Barack Obama!

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