Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For nobody else gave me the thrill

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That was fucking great.

For a minute there I lost myself, if you will, having fortuitously woken just as he went over the 270 waterfall. And thus followed a two hour teary orgasm, beginning with McCain’s concession and waving, waving hard, all the way to the end of Barrack’s unsurprisingly solemn victory speech. I fell asleep then, with BBC analysis whispering love in my ear, and came to life still glowing, despite somehow still not believing. I glow even now, though it will surely fade as tiredness overtakes me and I approach a mountain of ignored clothes folding.

And so to the major question of the day, with fulsome apologies to Nora Ephron. Having just squirted my hot man juice all over Barrack's skinny tits, how long am I expected to lie here holding him? Is a week enough? A month? A whole term? There’s my problem, somewhere between one week and a whole term is my problem. Because I'm already over it really. It's time to move on. In winning he's become just another fucking politician cunt and I desperately need to once more charge back to cynicism and the comfort of constant despair, endless apathy. He's given me what I want and the sooner the black bastard invades France or Canada or even fucking Liechenstein, the sooner I can get up and go to that early squash game.

7 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

V said...

Bolton loosing it for a solid 30 mins on the BBC was the best.

Conan Drumm said...

You and Twenty both. Yiz should set up a support group.

The usual indulgence is the first 100 days (from January 20) before you can disrespect him in the morning.

Medbh said...

At least wait until he's actually in the WH before you bitch.

I kind of like this newly found sense of optimism. It's just so refreshing to not expect the absolute worst from D.C. for a change.

Sniffle&Cry said...

I remember slow dances. Clingers. Think je t’aimemmmm. That’s the way he needs to be held, Gimme. And not in that manic hormonal 2:00 a.m. rush for a warm body type of holding, no, a gazing longingly and melty embrace is what he seeks. My cynic is on hols in Alabama currently, riding McCain’s missus. ( is it only me?)

savannah said...

aw, sugar, you know you want to hold on to this hunka hunka burning love for a little bit longer! medbh is right, wait until after he's in the white house to be a hater. besides, y'all will have at least 4 years to rag on the poor soul! ;)

it's a great day for america!!

gimme a minute said...

Darn, I missed that bit. I don't suppose it's up anywhere?

That's a long time. But I'll give it a bash.

Him and his puppy. I showed Data that bit of the speech. Any excuse.

I laughed. Nice analysis.

A hearty congratulations to you and yours.

It must be like getting out of prison.

V said...

1 minute of it so far but he did it with all of the reporters for about half an hour

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