Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our love is rice and beans and horse's lard

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Every morning, the same three questions, delivered speedily in a single breath:

'What's for dinner tonight? Who's minding me tonight? Is it Friday today?'

'It is not Friday, Data, it is Tuesday.'


'It's Tuesday, Data, there's nothing I can do about it.'

'Not Data!'


'Not Data! Super Princess Leia!'

'Oh. Sorry. I forgot.'

'Is it Friday?'


'Is it Friday on the other day?'

'Yes, on the other day. Not today. Not tomorrow.'

'What's for dinner?'


'Macaroni cheese and peas?'

'No. Chicken. And carrots. You like carrots.'

'I hate carrots.'

'You like carrots. Turkish carrots.'

'In ice cream?'

'In natural yoghurt, but yeah ok, we can call it ice cream.'

'I like ice cream.'


'Who's minding me tonight?'

I swear to fuck you'd think I shunted her from relative to babysitter to relative every night of the fucking week.

'I am.'


'Yes, well, I'm still minding you.'


'Data? I mean, Super Princess Leia?'


'Who's minding me tonight?'


'You mean nobody?'


'Aren't you going to mind me?'

Data sighs, like she's seriously fucking tired of explaining this to me. As indeed she is.

'You're a daddy, Daddy.'

'Oh, yeah.'



'Is it Friday today?'

12 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Stephen said...

Kids gotta love em!

Manuel said...

I wish it was Friday too........but more please about Turkish carrots......sound delish

Rosie said...

i think my heart just melted a little.

it might be the drink.

savannah said...

ah, rosie, that's exactly what i was thinking as i read this post! and i have been drinking! i miss little children and the delightful way they express themselves! *sigh* xoxo

Common Law said...

My heart has melted a little too. Is it Friday on tee yudder day. Just that the answer 'yes' is enough....ahhhhh

gimme a minute said...


Stupid biological imperative.

Too much olive oil, carrot batons, fry, not too gently, to soften and blacken in places (10-15 minutes) then off the heat and fuck on your yoghurt and mountains of mint.

Take that 'I hate carrots'.


Can you babysit Friday?

Common Law:

Can nobody stand to read this shit sober any more?

fatmammycat said...

Aw, is Friday magazine and goodies day? She sounds so adorably cute, and she's not asking to dye her hair white, get her lip pierced or for a tattoo, so awwwww.

Medbh said...

She`s adorable, Gimme.
Who knew Princess Leia was still coolÉ It`s funny when you think how drugged up Carrie Fisher was when she played the role.

gimme a minute said...

I give her about three years.

It's all down to Lego Star Wars. With a script like that,

I'd have been off my face too.

Stephen said...

Biology? nah there is something about them that makes you go "aww cute" and at times "feck off and leave me alone!" have expeirenced both feelings! thankfully not my kids! :D

Conan Drumm said...

Fierce cute. :) I'd give her about eight years, then it'll be:

Jump, Daddy!


gimme a minute said...

I'm pretty sure that for me, it's biology.

Other people's kids are a considerably less charming pain in the hole.

Me and Data, we're getting some pretty serious ordering/jumping practise in already.

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