Monday, November 17, 2008

There was pressure on me too, you know

Monday, November 17, 2008
I, too, had the opportunity to put questions to Olympic boxer Kenny Egan last week. His charming mother Maura was also in attendance, though she declined to be interviewed herself.

Gimme: Do you like Bob Dylan?


So you don't know his song 'Who killed Davy Moore?'

Kenny: No.

Gimme: It's about this boxer who dies in the ring.

Kenny: Oh.

Gimme: So I thought you might know it.

Kenny: I don't.

Gimme: It's great.

Kenny: Is it?

Gimme: Oh, yeah. It's on the first bootleg album. And I just found a cool live version on youTube.

Kenny: Deadly. Do you have any other questions?

Gimme: Um...

Kenny: You don't?

Gimme: No, no, I do.

Kenny: Well?

Gimme: I forget.

Kenny: Right.

Gimme: But you should listen to that song, it's great.

Kenny: Okay.

Gimme: I'll burn you a copy.

Kenny: Thanks.

Gimme: You want to come over on Friday? We can listen to it together.

Kenny: No thanks.

Gimme: I like your biceps.

Kenny: What?

Gimme: I mean your face is a bit of a mess, but I guess that's from getting hit all the time, right?

Kenny: Are you fucking with me?

Gimme: No. Not at all. I really do like your biceps.

Kenny: I think that's it now for the interview.

Gimme: Oh. Okay, right. Sure you're not free Friday night?

Kenny: I'm sure.


Kenny: Okay.

Gimme: So I'll see you Friday, then?

Kenny: Ma! We're going.

Gimme: Okay. Thanks for your time.

Kenny: You're welcome.

Gimme: Friday, then? I'll drop my address over to your house.

Kenny: Don't you come anywhere near my fuckin' gaff.

Gimme: Ah. Right so. Bye so.

Kenny: See ya.

See ya Friday!

A real gentleman, that Kenny. I'll let you know how Friday goes.

16 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Damien Mulley said...

A beautifully written and descriptive blog post. I could feel his biceps from here and see his mascara painted eyes.

fatmammycat said...

Guffaws madly, daydreams of sparkling shiny biceps dripping just dripping with sparkly shiny sweat 'n stuff.

Rosie said...

my little piebald had the scoop on Ken a while back...

Conan Drumm said...

I find your post interesting, and very biceptive.

gimme a minute said...

He does have the prettiest peepers.

I have deleted your comment because you used my real fake name.

I reproduce it here without that doubtless accidental addition:

Darragh said: thanks once again for the link. I now get more hits from you than I do from Google. Probably more links too.

That's how lovely you really are.

And my response:

Thanks for your comment!

It fills me with joy that my sixteen readers are doing so much good to your stats.

If only he were ginger.


At least you found it. You must be on Twitter.

Medbh said...

You are hopeless with that Dylan crap.

gimme a minute said...

Repent! Repent!

Alexia Golez said...

Very dark, funny post. I expect you will you be interviewing more luminaries now that you've been outted as a roving reporter.

savannah said...

i wonder if president-elect obama is going to ask mr dylan to sing at the inauguration, sugar? he's a big dylan fan, donchaknow! xoxoxo

Radge said...

He won't show up.

Twenty Major said...

my little piebald had the scoop on Ken a while back...


Dirty animal, maybe the dog liked it.

gimme a minute said...

I don't know. I tried to interview that tramp guy that sells books on the street today, but it didn't go nearly as well as it did with The Kenster.

Such language, you wouldn't fucking believe.

Or Shakira? Shakira would be good.

Shakira would. She's very reliable.

Twenty Major:
Again with the lovely.

offthemeatrack said...

I'm writing a letter to Barack Obama informing him that Kenneth might be the problem to the world credit crunch financial depression crisis.

According to a poster I saw in the window of Mace, such is his pugilistic ability, he is able to punch 2 euros off the price of a 4 pack of Lucozade sport. There was a big batman-style flash of light too, as his fists of fury punches the inflation away. Awesome.

gimme a minute said...

Awesome indeed.

His talents are legion. Like his would be interviewers.

Radge said...

Shakira's here. She wants her DVDs back. Oh, and she says it's probably not that important and that you'll know what she means.

gimme a minute said...

You're a funny guy.

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