Thursday, January 22, 2009

People tend to pass you over cause you're not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Yay! Go Bronwen! I mean clearly a little fucking tardy but better now than never, right? Truly the time for herself and every other Green with even the whisperiest of little white angels atop their right shoulders to beat a hasty retreat was when Goebbels Gormley stood bravely holding back the tears behind Bertie's resignation bit while the entire Fianna Fáil cabinet struggled to suppress grateful gales of giggling.

Bronwen's my lady, you see. She's always calling to the door, I'm always assuring of my support. Given the fact that she's failed in her bid for a Dáil seat in the last three general elections I was most likely the only one doing so and even that single vote was lost to her when I learned that the Greens were happy to take their principles, lube them up with chilli sauce and roughly insert them into the asses of all their supporters just to obtain the flimsiest of grips on what can be barely described as power.

Now you know where I live. Feel free to stalk. I could do with the attention.

It all means nothing, of course. We're all still fucked and Miss B.M. has left herself open to all sorts of accusations of sinking rat ship desertion, but screw it, at least I can now see one of her leaflets coming in the door without being overwhelmed by nausea. It is all about me and I'm sick enough as it is.

By the by, did you know that you can get Goebbels figurines? Google Ads tell me so. Not being able to spell stuff can really expose you to some interesting facts.

12 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Radge said...

I reckon that's how I get my own readers. They go to Google looking for a good rogering, a few errant key-strokings later and look where they end up.

Re: Goebbels, you weren't looking for a gobble, were you? That's not an offer.

gimme a minute said...

Dude, you're totally going to have to start reading more than the last two lines of my posts.

There is a Goebbels reference both cutting and hilarious early on.

Radge said...

The coffee only kicked in towards the end. Look at the time stamp on my comment, for the love of Goebbels. Then forgive me.

Andrew said...

Bronwen has lovely hair, did she ever let you touch it?

emordino said...

"A little fucking tardy" did not mean what I expected it to mean.

Red Leeroy said...

when Bronwen called at the door did you promise support immediately or ask her a series of amusing/pointless/degrading questions first ?

Conan Drumm said...

Oh yeah, I remember voting Green too, won't be happening again. Bronwen's launched her campaign for re-election to the Council as an independent in June.

Doktor, where do you come into all this?

gimme a minute said...

I was still writing the fucking thing at 6.42, but yes, okay I confer my forgiveness upon thee.

What is it with you and wanting to touch up politicians? It's the power thing, huh?

She did, yes.

Sorry about that. Next time maybe.

Red Leeroy:
I was too bowled over by her beauty and greeness.

I am really looking forward to Cóirs's next referendum visit though. They provide sterling entertainment. I'll be endeavouring to string it out a little longer this time around.

And I'll be voting for her. How does one vote in these elections?

And as to the Doktor, let me link you a little something.

V said...

Yeah, don't get too excited about that. A few fruitbats falling out of the tree does not a snap election make and let’s consider the alternative, Enda (Cameron) Kenny in government!! Does that mean your elected representative is no longer in the Dail? Surely that’s not a good thing? Don't worry, she’ll be back if she is that good and I'm sure you'll have loads more opportunities to vote her in again. Or she could stop faffing about with Greens and join real party like Labour to get with the winning team.

All Cóirs (and Corrs for that matter), should be assaulted in the most violent possible manner should they call to your door.

gimme a minute said...

She's a councillor.

And are you seriously describing Labour as the winning team?

V said...

I meant City Hall of course which is far more important to those of us who live in the only civilized part of the country.

If they can't win in this climate they never ever will.

gimme a minute said...

Yes to both, I believe.

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