Friday, January 16, 2009

To be pursued, but never obtained

Friday, January 16, 2009
You know this bit the Israeli apologists come out with when it is suggested to them that the current operation in Gaza might be considered just a little disproportionate? This bit about their right to defend themselves? Their 'country' and their people are being attacked? If it was our country we wouldn't stand for it? If Denmark was fucking fireworks at us then we'd go and kill us a whole fuck load of Danish kids? Well, Alexandra, Leonard, Jeff, and John folks, because it looks like that's exactly what just happened. Except what the fuck do you know, it weren't the Denmarkians what done it. It were Israel! Who the fuck would have thunk it?

I try to get an 'I know fuck all about this' precursor into all my political posts. Here you go: I know fuck all about this. But folks, let it be known that I speak from my ignorant heart.

Ireland, we're a whatdjacallit, a nation, right? Sure we are. I know this because we have a National Anthem and a National Concert Hall where we play our National Anthem and a National History Museum. where we keep this big stuffed deer yoke. Oh, and there's that song, 'A Nation Once Again'. Although maybe that's about England. Who knows? Anyway, we're a nation, I'm sure of it.

So one of the things that nations do is be in the United Nations. Or some nations anyway. Again, who the fuck knows? Not me. But this I do know: Ireland is one of the some nations. And Israel just bombed the UN compound. On purpose. Repeatedly. With phosphorus. So as far as Gimme is concerned Israel just bombed Ireland. On purpose. Repeatedly. With phosphorus.

Pop quiz, shit hots:

Small occasionally fatal rockets are to a 20 day aerial and ground assault using the most modern tanks and artillery resulting in the deaths of more than 1,000 people as phosphorous bombs are to what? What's that you say? A nuked Tel Aviv?

But wouldn't that be a little disproportionate?

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Manuel said...

all seems about right......I like your manifesto...where can I sign up/donate to it....?

Kel D said...

Jon Stewart from the Daily Show called it "two abused children [consummating] this dysfunctional relationship"

I don't have a space for outrage to go, it is just awful. All of it.

NextSeatOver said...

Is there a statute of limitations on persecution?
When is the clean slate introduced and "Now you just can't be doing that and expecting to get away with it" time going to start?

I like your thinking ... count me in!

Red Leeroy said...

All I know is what I see on them there news result shows. Israel and it's disproportionate phosphorus.

Annie said...

When I saw the UN headquarters on fire I felt sick. All that food and medical supplies just up in flames.

I read yesterday that Belgium has flown some severely injured Gaza kids with their parents out of Egypt and into Brussels. They were looking for EU support for this last week, but said that if they didn't get it they'd go ahead with the mission anyway. And they did. And over 200 Belgian families said they would take them in.

Why aren't more countries doing this? Because we're scared of looking like we're siding against 'the holy land'?

If Belgium can go ahead with an operation like this then the rest of us can too, surely.

Every time you see John Ging, the (Irish) UN chief in Gaza, on TV, he is absolutely incensed. Where is the fucking aid?

I just don't understand.

Twenty Major said...

Why aren't more countries doing this? Because we're scared of looking like we're siding against 'the holy land'?

Because people don't little Arabs bleeding all over their Land of Leather sofas.

Dot-Com said...

I'm gonna be careful about clicking on links on Radge's blog in the future *lol*

Despite not liking the example of killing off Denmarkians... I love the word! Has a better ring to it than Danelandish people :-)

fatmammycat said...

Gimmie, I emailed you about zon gym. I have spin times here too.

grimsaburger said...

If you're on the lookout for comprehensive muckraking and thoughtful commentary on this mess, weighted towards awful American (and I assume from your post, Irish) media coverage thereof, go read this guy.

I, for one, refuse to believe that hitting civilian targets and now UN property is anything but a mistake.

gimme a minute said...

I'm setting up a Paypal account as we speak.

Kel D:
I'm with you.

I also enjoyed Stewart's comment on the suggestion that if your neighbour was banging on the door and threatening you then you'd want the police to respond with maximum force.

To paraphrase:

'Depends if you were making him live in your hallway and forcing to him to go through a checkpoint every time he wants to take a dump.'

I'm guessing never. If Obama says stop it might help, though I doubt it, and I doubt he will, and even if he does and the Israelis do, Hamas will keep on going with the sparklers.

Red Leeroy:
Watching it on he news and knowing it could be stopped, however briefly, with enough concerted American and international pressure is a depressing yet surreal experience.

I hadn't heard about that. There'll be bureaucrats muttering about precedents I reckon.

And then there's people and their having their own problems.

Twenty Major:
No, no you're way off track there. Arab blood makes an excellent sealant for all types of leather.

Yeah, best ignore Radge's recommendations.

I mean, Torres? Pffft.

Thanks for that. I am formulating my thoughts on your decision.

Thank you, looks interesting.

Irish news coverage is pretty balanced actually, which leads to plenty of accusations of Anti-Israeliness.

Red Leeroy said...

American pressure against Israel? In an alternative reality perhaps where 'aipac' does not exist.

Annie said...

^ Good link

"Perhaps it takes a highly-telegenic, American-born Jordanian monarch for American television networks to air a real debate on the one-sided U.S. support for Israel."

Still, you gotta love Queen Noor for telling it how it is.

gimme a minute said...

Red Leeroy:
Uh huh.

Where troubles melt like lemon drops away above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find a balanced and just US approach.

Did she? I was wasn't listening, lost as I was in her highly-telegenic, American-born Jordanian eyes.

me wan said...

I haven't seen/read/experienced/examined/decoded enough in the media/life in general to make any profound remarks or but when I read that 1,100+ Palestinians and 14+/- Isreali's have been killed during this 'offensive' I just can't believe nothing more is being done other than say other than 'oh that's just awful.'

fatmammycat said...

My decision is brewing away nicely in the cauldron of procrastination.

gimme a minute said...

me wan:
I can't believe I'm just sitting here answering comments and drinking whiskey.

No wait, I can.

Act now! This offer can only last until we start our next identical, yet slightly differently packaged offer!

Andrew said...

But, like, God promised them they could do whatever the fuck they wanted, didn't he? He did, yeah. Sure they have it written down in a book and everything.

I met a very attractive Israeli girl once. Can she be evacuated first? Such lovely hair...

Conan Drumm said...

The UN compound was targeted with phospherous. The destruction of food aid and medical supplies was intentional.

A Palestinian doctor who managed to get on Israeli TV to speak about the death of his children was hauled off air by the IDF.

The war crimes tribunal needs to be convened.

gimme a minute said...

God came to me in a dream last night and said I could go running with Paula Radcliffe, but you don't see me invading Cheshire.


Yes, it does. But it won't be, will it?

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