Thursday, February 12, 2009

She scratches a letter

Thursday, February 12, 2009
I hate this race of humans, though I am happy with my current placing. What a pack of cunts we are. All the horrible nasty shit we do. The insanely imbalanced world we have created.

I'm a little upset and disbelieving. I can't fucking believe a whole lot of shit, but chief among the shit that I cannot believe is that neither Medbh nor Twisty have touched this motherfucker yet. They'll probably get around to it but I can't wait. I need to be told what to think, now. And so the task falls to me.

I guess I'm just sickened. Sickened that they decided to try a twelve year old girl for being assaulted. Because she's black and she's female. Those are some pretty shitty cards to be dealt, right there. If she only fancied the ladies she'd be right up the crap creek.

They were looking for white prostitutes. They saw a black child. They bailed out of their unmarked van. She held onto a tree to try to prevent what can only have seemed to her to have been a gang of paedophiles from taking her away. They pulled her off the tree. Roughed her up a bit. And somehow managed to get her put on trial for assaulting them.

Want to hear the hilariousest part? These fucking monkeys said that this child knew they were police officers because she yelled out 'Fuck you! I hate the police!' Nobody talks like that, guys. No child, while in the midst of an abduction think to express their disrespect of Galveston's finest in such stolid terms. 'I hate the police!' For fuck's sake.

We've wandered away from me. I hate that. But now I know how to feel. Sickened, outraged, and ultimately bored and ready to move on to the next hideous display of what a shitty world this is. Though not for me so much. I'm a white man. Being a white man rocks.

15 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Terence McDanger said...

That fucking stinks.

Manuel said...

I read that the other day and have been telling everybody about it.......IT'S BEYOND FUCKING WORDS!!

why is the mainstream media not all over this?

Medbh said...

Someone needs to explain how a roving band of men can go around snatching girls and women from the streets without probable cause.

Oh, that's right. We live in a patriarchy, so it's always open season on everyone who doesn't have a penis. It's a wonder they didn't murder the child in the process.

fatmammycat said...

Come off it, you know she was headbutting their fists, little madam, WHILE wearing shorts. And I'm suspecting when she threw the breaker switch she CLEARLY made some kind of gang sign. Oh yes.
If I had been that child's father and I'd witnessed what he must have witnessed I'd still be in jail now.

savannah said...

it had to be fucking texas! this is the first i've heard of the story, sugar...and given that's it's glaveston, i am so not surprised.

Rosie said...

you big Bock, you.

sorry. that's all i got.

B said...

funking hell.

I haven't heard anything about this til now.

gimme a minute said...

Terence McDanger:
Like my bike shorts after double spin with a slighty dicky stomach.

I guess octuplets are better copy.

I am surprised that they didn't shoot her just a little bit. She was posing a scratchy threat.

It's all a little bit 41 shots. He'd be in hospital, or dead, if he had tried to stop them.

I bow to your superior knowledge of the racist misogynistic geography of your fine land.

I think I'm still a little shy on the women-hating side of things. I'll work on it though, in tandem with my Jesus thing.

I'm a veritable fount of fucking knowledge.

Though as Rosie suggests, if you want non-feminist tinged outrage, Bock is a better bet.

fatmammycat said...

That's actually the most frightening part about it, if he'd come out with a gun- as many 'mericans who see their daughter being abducted off the streeet might very well have done, what then?

Sniffle said...

You callin Bock a soginist.

I'll tell..., I can you know.

Conan Drumm said...

Hey honky boy, seems misogyny's bigger in Texas, like everything else.

problemchildbride said...


This is the first I heard of this story too. But I expect she must have been a really scary little unarmed 12-year-old girl for 4 big policemen and their guns and nightsticks to have to charge at her all at once like that. I mean, really, she must have been terrifying.

gimme a minute said...

Maybe the civil suit'll bust them. I doubt it though.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Tis a white world alright, Gimme.

gimme a minute said...

Sarah Gostrangely:
Testify, sister.

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