Thursday, March 26, 2009

Her mother said 'Love is not that way. Dear God he'll pay.'

Thursday, March 26, 2009
I cannot say that I believe it to be wrong. I am, of course, aware that society believes it to be wrong. But society has held many opinions through the ages, opinions that have now changed. The inferiority of women. The evil of homosexuality. The health benefits of smoking. And there was a time when my penchant for making love with the young would have been, if not encouraged, then certainly not condemned.

I had six good years with my step daughter, Katie. Our affair began when she was nine. This was a joyous time. She meant everything to me. I would have done anything for her. And she for me. But I cannot deny that feelings alter as the days, the weeks, the months pass, and by the time she fell upon fifteen our relationship had transformed. She had become sullen and moody, as teenagers will. Yes, I may fallen somewhat out of love with her. And while our nights together continued, I believe that she sensed my mounting disinterest and made the cruel decision to punish me. By talking to her mother, despite my warnings and then, shockingly, to the police. Oh, the lies she told. Rape? Abuse? What a joke. She consented. Consented with her eyes, her lying 'No's, her tears of joy.

I am a strong, fit fellow. I took part in the RĂ¡s for many years as a younger man. A domestique, serving my leaders, but still I completed the eight day race on three separate occasions. I have always kept up my fitness, and this has made my time behind these bars easier. Early on I came out on top in a scuffle, using my teeth to take a chunk out of my would be lover's penis and now, for the most part, I am left to my own devices. And yet, the way things are, I have another three years to serve. I will be fifty-five by the time I am released. It is a long time to live like this, without stimulation, without love.

All is not lost, however. They offer a treatment program here, you see, for so called 'sex offenders'. Rapists, abusers. I do not count myself among them. The uptake, of course, is minuscule. Ten men, I am told, who believe they can be 'cured', or who are, perhaps, looking to while away some of this interminable time. Needless to say I have never considered joining them. But there was news this morning, on Morning Ireland, news that filled me with hope. Olive Travers of NOTA, The National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers, dear Olive, with her wonderful Hi-de-Hi voice, has advocated the offering of incentives for the take up of these 'cures'. Incentives such as temporary release. The public has to come to terms with this, she says. They can't have it both ways, she says. We are to be made safer, she says.

I know what I am, and I feel no remorse. But I am also capable of feigning a little shame, working through these 'treatments' so that I might leave this place, however briefly, and go to see my Katie. She will, I know, by now, be both old and worn out. But still I would like to see her. To tell her that I forgive her. To show her that I forgive her. For that, I will happily spend some hours nodding and displaying my most mournful of faces. I pray that Olive gets her way.

Morning Ireland, March 26, 2009 Interview begins at 27 minutes.

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Meadow said...

Disturbing reading, Gimme.

Well said and written.

Common law said...

Brilliant post.

eejit meeja said...

I heard this woman this morning, and I can honestly say that my eyebrows actually lifted to such an extent that they left the confines of my face and floated skyward and only for the roof of the car, I fear I would have remained in a permanent state of Beekerness, that poor unfortunate muppet.

I'm not of the "cut their bollocks off" brigade, but I am certainly not of the "Tell me of how your feelings led you to molest an innocent.

Crime, then punishment, then rehabilitation. Should rehab not seem worthwhile, then by all means lock them up forever, be they perverts, rapists* or murderers.

*For the record, I don't believe rapists are perverts, they are violent and crave domination, but theirs is not a perversion sexually, theirs is a perversion socially.

Conan Drumm said...

The interview segment is about 1hr 22mins into the programme.

I blame the usually reliable interviewer for not getting stuck in. There was no question addressed to the woman about recidivism levels for different categories of sex offender who had, or had not been through some 'treatment' programme.

In the Irish context there would have to be discounting built in to the stats for age and opportunity - elderly priests confined to quarters have little opportunity to re-offend. But no doubt the general stats are available from other countries that have established programmes.

A global approach to all sex offenders, such as she seemed to be advocating, takes no account of serial/multiple/habitual offenders - those either with prior convictions or those who are convicted on multiple/sample charges for long periods of systematic abuse.

The "incentive", if there must be one, for serial/multiple/habitual offenders ought to be a doubling of the length of their sentence for NOT participating, successfully, in treatment programmes.

I know that determining the 'success' of a treatment programme is a judgement call fraught with danger.

fatmammycat said...

This is a terrific post, and damn, how disturbing it is that the Olives of this world live in such a frothy bubble.

Oh, and a rapist is very much a pervert. Abnormal and unacceptable sexual behaviour would very much include subjecting another person to succumb to your sexual desires and whims by force.

sassysundry said...

This is disturbing. Yeah, really disturbing.

eejitmeeja said...

You're right of course FMC, and what I was trying to say was that seeing rape as a sexual perversion (only) may place it in a similar class to say BDSM etc, in a sense making it out to be some "fetish" whereas it is a horrific crime against a person where the sex (according to research) is almost secondary to the need to control and humiliate that person.

Aidan said...

they are cursed with a disease for which there is no definite cure, and the problem seems to be that many offenders don't see anything wrong in what they have done. recidivism rates for released prisoners in the US is 60%, 50% in the UK. those are not great numbers.

gimme a minute said...

And this is why I am increasingly, in contrast to Eejit, of the 'cut their balls off brigade.'

fatmammycat said...

I see what you're saying eegitmeedja, I think the problem is with my take on the word perversion- I don't see anything perverted about BDSM, I don't see anything perverted in any sexual act between two consenting adults. For me, perversion rears its ugly head when a person is abused and violated against their will, be they attacked, forced or simply to young to give consent. That to me is true perversion.

fatmammycat said...

'to=too', long day excuse me.

Sniffle said...

Gimme, your characterisation is chilling. Like CL and FMC said. The post is on a par with the two bears which should have…….., Fucking excellent. This is somehow more real when you have kids.

When I heard her voice though, she reminded me of that Navan man’s Father Wishy-Washy character.

Wisewebwoman said...

This post is like the mirror of mine today, it gave me chills.
thanks for saying it and saying it well.

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