Monday, March 16, 2009

What about the time of the fancy dress when you came dressed as your mum?

Monday, March 16, 2009
Here, read this. Or scan it. Or just glance at the first couple of sentences. You get the picture. The Premiership is shit, The League of Ireland is great. Bollox, clearly. So I left an hilarious comment to this effect, which may or may not have included something along the lines of 'A goal in the League of Ireland that does not involve an untidy scramble in the ten yard box is as rare as a pro-feminist Skin Flicks post'. Something like that. He refused to publish it. Fine, it's his bleugh, he can do what the fuck he wants. If I had comment moderation on, I too would censor all the comments that were funnier and more accurate than the post to which they referred. So I emailed Mr Skinner to ask for an explanation. He ignored me. Again, fine. Well done, even. There is no better way to irritate ignorant, arrogant, smart-arsed cunts than with the dreaded weapon of pretending they don't exist. Don't feed the trolls, wacka wacka wacka. But then he goes and publishes this. Nuff said, indeed. Which is it, you fucking hypocrite?

And then there's this. You can probably hazard a guess as to what side I'm on there. Kill a bunch of black guys? Racist. Kill a pack of queers? Homophobic. Kill a load of chicks? Coincidence. People are dicks and people you would have hoped are not dicks are even bigger dicks. Those who take feminism as a personal attack are the worst kind of obtuse. Is that a sentence? It fucking is now. 'All men are evil'. Nobody fucking said that. Shut the fuck up. Jesus.

And finally, this. What the fuck is that shit about? I don't even want to know.

I'm not talking to the internet. It's a total cunt.

10 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Betty said...

It really is, Gimme!

"'A goal in the League of Ireland that does not involve an untidy scramble in the ten yard box is as rare as a pro-feminist Skin Flicks post'"


I suspect my comments wouldn't be welcome on his latest post about St Patrick's Day. Apparently Christianity is 'barred' from the celebrations (if that's true I'll eat my green top hat). And apparently a float celebrating the 20 different nationalities living in Dublin is totally inappropriate on the feast day of somebody who wasn't Irish but came here to live.

Rosie said...

why? why link to all the bad, angry, annoying things on the internet and dirty my fragile relationship with it further?

Medbh said...

Some dude sent Manuel an email demanding to know how he could support my dangerous sectarian posts. I shared that with Mr. M saying how the fuck am I dangerous? He said because I like to think I'm an independent entity when I'm just a woman.
I get it.

Conan Drumm said...

The innernet is full of tunnel vision and narrow minds. Just like the 'real' world - plenty of folks with their hands over their ears, lip-reading.

V said...

There really are better things to be getting pissed off about

gimme a minute said...

You think? I give a fuck that there are ads, not so much about whether they are targeted or not. It's not like they don't know everything about us already.

And the slow Big Brothering of our lives does not piss me off nearly as much as the assertion that the League of Ireland is not a load of shit.

Twenty Major said...

What's funny is when you can't make headway with an argument on somebody else's site that you go post on your own to ensure your regulars have got your back.

And League of Ireland football is worse than Jade Goody.

gimme a minute said...


Twenty Major said...

Hah, I should point out, publicly, that the comment did not refer to you.

savannah said...

thank you, sugar. xox

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