Friday, May 1, 2009

Hearts fail, young hearts fail

Friday, May 1, 2009
This is what I get for getting it together and sorting shit out. Observe as I struggle to express my sickening disgust at the triumvirate of motoring bastardosity that has fallen across my path.

Three days before the NCT: In for a service. Back brakes need to be entirely replaced. They can't do it in time. Hundreds of euro anyway.

Two days before the NCT: In to generic overcharging garage. Get brakes fixed. Hundreds of euro.

One day before the NCT: On the way to endure through 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' some cunt randomly fucks a stone onto a dual carriageway, hitting my front windscreen and causing a crack only just noticeable enough to be almost certainly spottable by the testers.

No, I don't have windscreen cover. I can't afford it. And I certainly can't afford this. I just can't afford it. Yes, yes, I know that I am a cunt and deserve all the misfortune that is heaped upon me by life and in fucking fairness it's not like I've lost my job or been burgled or bum raped, but if karma could see to widening, by just a teeny smidge, the time scale of this justifiable retribution, then that would be just fucking super.

8 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Kel D said...

Ahhh shit. Sorry that happened to you :(

Common Law said...

This is what I get for getting it together and sorting shit out. May I bring to your attention the fact that the NCT is 2 months overdue so if you had gotten it together and sorted shit out....Well, I'll let you finish the thought!

Sarah Gostrangely said...

I love the way you write gimme. as good as a double chocolate muffin latte thing.

Meadow said...

Damn, hope you were able to get it worked out.

And that you survived Hannah Montana.

In the €2 on Abbey Street, they have 3 packs of Durex condoms on the counter in a Hannah Montana tub which probably previously contained hair slides or sparkly nail polish.

Will be some confused little shoppers out there.

Meadow said...

That should read '€2 store.'

My sparkly nail polish blinded me temporarily.

Annie said...

How was the movie?

gimme a minute said...

It was a bucket of shite, Annie. The tv program is occasionally funny. This was a bucket of badly written, sentimental, morally dubious, shite.

It broke my achy breaky heart a little.

Annie said...

I'll see that vampire one instead then, if it's still on.

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