Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Come gather round children, it's high time ye learns

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Someone quipped chucklefully on the Major (vote Twenty, twenty times) site yesterday that the teachers had stopped picketing three hours before everyone else. Well, let it be known that life imitates quip. Imitates the fuck out if it. And then takes it to a higher imitation plane.

I spun past the Bridge Crew's Catholic Madras at 9.15 yesterday expecting to get the free tingle that a wave of support to any kind of strikers never fails to provide. I'm not sure from where this tingle comes. I have no strong feelings on the various issues at stake, having aggressively adopted the "head in the sand, Common Law's got a steady gig, I'm alright Jacqueline" attitude right from the start of this delightful downturn. But I like strikes. I think they're cool. I dig the placards, the camaraderie, the fight against The Man, even when logic suggests that it's merely one The Man fighting against another.

And so it was with grave disappointment that I found the school gates chained yet unmanned or womanned, with nary a banner nor brazier in sight. A bit off, I thought, but perhaps they're having a quick pre-strike meeting, throwing together a few Jesus and Irish language tinged protest songs at the last minute. But when I returned at 12.30 there was still no sign nor signs. Those lazy, lazy fuckers.

Parent teacher meeting tomorrow and I hereby vow to spend our allotted thirty seconds discussing not the always perfect Riker, but my tragic lack of trade union tingle.

7 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Radge said...

I enjoyed 'Placard Watch 2009' myself.

What it lacked in the 'gurning chops of Mary Lou McDonald' stakes, it made up for in big fiery red lettering with words like 'NO' and 'DOWN WITH' and such.

seasonticket said...

All the teachers who went on strike at my school (two years ago, ish) just went shopping or slept late.
Being in the wrong union, I had to work 50% harder than usual. :( POOR ME.

Twenty Major said...

It's clear that all 250,000 striking workers yesterday went to Newry. That's what they say so it must be true.

Maybe they'll have some cheaply acquired hooch at the PT meeting.

gimme a minute said...

Someday I'll protest something. Providing it's summertime and there are comfy chairs.

'Down with no comfy chairs' my placard will say.

I hope you changed unions. But they're like supermarket queues, aren't they? Once you switch, the old one goes on strike...

As some bloke said somewhere:

'Breaking news: public sector worker beaten to death by mob of Irish journalists.'

With overpriced Irish hammers, one assumes.

Manuel said...

Funny thing is I had at least three maybe four tables from the freestate on Monday night...dour, middle class, kept calling me 'boy'......must have been teachers....

Medbh said...

Had enough of the strike atmosphere last year.

Although I did pull the union card when returning my overdue library books. I explained that I hadn't wanted to cross the picket line, so she removed the late fee.

gimme a minute said...

They're your favourites, right? I've known some nice teachers.

Well, two.


Did the librarians strike this week? I'm not sure that this excuse will work for my four and half year late fees.

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