Sunday, March 28, 2010

Always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself

Sunday, March 28, 2010
I am not a violent man, though I am a man who dreams of violence. That knitting circle shit last night though, that put me close. I was well tempted to follow that weasel faced fuck into the ladies and show him a little something about truth and directness, for it is truth and directness that this little man and his ilk so sorely lack. But happily some precognition of the night's possibilities had led me to taking the precaution of getting off my face on happy pills, so in reality the worst this little prick had to fear from me was a drug induced hug.

So, yes, truth. I do my best to speak my truth. Perhaps not as quietly as Mr Ehrmann would like, but most certainly as clearly. And these people do not. No, they speak crowd pleasing lies. I know that they cannot like everything, though they profess to, I know that they cannot find every experience 'brilliant' though this is what they would have me believe. And I know now, as I have always suspected, that they are as bitter and as insecure as Gimme himself. But nastier too, folks, more underhand, and shockingly, even more fucking pathetic.

A sunny Sunday afternoon, back in the big city.

"Did you win? Did you win?".

"Nah, the gay guy won, told he he would, it was a great post. But hey, look at this..."

And now a father shows to his daughter a blurred picture of his work projected on a big screen in a room filled with people. His daughter feigns the feigning of interest. Yet somewhere in her eyes he sees the flicker of a little girl who is proud of her daddy. That's what you took. And I may well be a cunt who had it coming, but I am a cunt who tells the truth.

And you, you are just a cunt.

32 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Adie said...

So no Sally Fields Stylee then, shame.

Conan Drumm said...

Looks like I got out of Blogway just in time.

Radge said...

Why did you go?

gimme a minute said...

I feel it very important to emphasise that this post is not about my not having won.

But no, no Sally Fields.

I think you would have been a calming influence. Though I was pretty calm.

Because my friends were going. Because I rarely leave the house. And because I thought it would be fun.

And you know what? It was.

fatmammycat said...

Being as blind as a bat I had not realised they hadn't put your site up. Very unfair carry on if it was a deliberate move.

Radge said...

I'm quite the abrasively inquisitive cunt when I'm shteamed. That was none of my business.

Steph said...

Hi there. I'm the one responsible for the slideshow/presentation on the night. I realised to my complete mortification that I had missed out on putting in the screengrab of your blog as I clicked next on the keyboard and your blog didn't appear. I fucked up and I'm really sorry about that. If I could make up for it I would. Apologies.

gimme a minute said...

That's why I went on about it for the following four hours, because I knew you had missed the impact of seeing it (or not seeing it) live.

Um, that's okay. It's not like you asked me which of my testicles hangs lower.

The left one.

Uh huh.

Radge said...

Same here.

fatmammycat said...

You were rather mild mannered about it I thought. I wonder if my styrofoam complaint was lodged.

gimme a minute said...

But did you have to check?

I had to check.

That's me, a mild mannered reporter. If only they hadn't gotten rid of all the phone boxes.

Anonymous said...

What the cunt is this entire blog post about?

Rosie said...

Andrew says to tell you that Riker and Data have much more to be proud of their daddy for than a screengrab at the blog awards, and not to lose sight of that.

he's some sap, isn't he?

gimme a minute said...

It's about town planning in Carrick on Shannon.

Yes. Yes he is.

Conan Drumm said...

"It's about town planning in Carrick on Shannon."

I just amazed you managed to keep it so short, and to the point.

Jentertainment said...

I think making someone feel bad about a mistake is really low. The people involved in making that slide show gave up their own time to show you and other finalists a good time. They didn't get paid or many thank yous. Barely anyone gets thanked when they do a good job but make one mistake and they're made to feel like crap.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

gimme a minute said...

That's my thing now. Brevity.

"a mistake"

Uh huh.

Confused said...

I've never read this blog before, and I arrived hear thanks to the Irish Blog Awards. So maybe you should be a little bit more gracious in defeat before you loose the new readers that you "won"

Someone F***ed up and made a mistake, how petty/high/paranoid are you to think it was deliberate?

or is there some grand conspiracy that the rest of us are not aware of?

what the hell makes you so important that an error has to be deliberate? or am I missing Something. If I am please enlighten me :)

Voodoolady said...

gimme a minute said...

I've never read this blog before, and I arrived hear...

And it would probably be best for all if you were to never read it again.

Voodoo Lady:
In a 'football in the groin' kind of way, I hope.

I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Manuel said...

Gimme, it was good to see you and nearly chat...we'll meet again...probably next year at the blog awards...

Twenty Major said...

Fuck's sake, Gimme, you should be thanking them for not showing your site despite every single other site in every single category being shown and despite the fact yours was the only blog critical of the mighty just before the blog awards.

Ungrateful fucker, you make me sick to my stomach.

gimme a minute said...

It was great to see you. i had many question. They can wait...

Twenty Major:
Can I interest you in some bismuth subsalicylate?

I'm setting up my own headshop, though it's going to be more of a tummyshop.

Adie said...

Despite several reminders, you have still singularly failed to thank the sponsors.

I think you will loose all the sponsors if you do that, do you here me?

Reefer said...

Jaysus, my head's wrecked with trying to decipher who's being sarcastic and who's not in the comments. My bet is that Twenty is being sarky (points to me for intuition), but as for the rest...

Anyway, fair balls for the post. There is far too much non-complaining around these parts.

gimme a minute said...

That sponsor thanking dollar, that's a big dollar...

Your spelling made me laugh much.

No, no, you got it all wrong. Twenty's totally sincere, it's Steph that's being sarcastic.

Common Law said...

I'm nominating this post for best blog post of the year.

fatmammycat said...

Look Gimmie, just stop. Nobody wants 'loose' readers, they get unruly and tearful.
an angry anonymous person.

gimme a minute said...

Common Law:
While I have a feeling will not have quite so much influence on next years awards, I think it might still be something of a long shot.

I loosed Nonny then I loosed that Irish speaking guy who came on and left a comment in Irish on the post where I said I couldn't speak Irish and now I'm pretty sure I've loosed Confused.

Soon I'll only have readers who can spell, and what'll be the point then?

fatmammycat said...

You could start posting photos of ginger people in their speedos, that should help.

gimme a minute said...

Or a pair of tits on my header. I'm going post-post-feminist...

Conan Drumm said...

What's not to 'get', it's like the 'acting' thing in Team America.

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