Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"You're all wrong", I said and they stared at the sand

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
I haven't done a long ride since getting sick on St Pukey's Day, and so, in a desperate attempt to htfu (ttfu? I can never remember...) I made the rather rash decision to do all today's commuting by bicycle. Two commutes, 10k each way. 40k total, first into sideways snow, then into a biting headwind with wet from the snow clothes, then into a directionally changed biting headwind, and finally into razor like rain. With another biting headwind. Fucker changed direction again. The snow hurt my eyes, the wind shrank my willy, the rain made me most miserable and cold. I don't fell any harder or tougher but I think I may have given myself new moan ee! ah!.

No, no point. Common Law is deep in a tech week and I just felt like complaining. Off about your business now. Into a biting headwind, for preference.

8 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

problemchildbride said...

Think of it as a love-biting wind. I'd love some. I'm off to stand for a hell-hot hour in a baking swing-park where the slide is regularly so hot the kids can't even go on it without sustaining legular burns.

Adie said...

"miserable and cold"

They go together don't they, we're never miserable and warm, except for bed-wetting and even that's temporary.

The warmth that is.

Annie said...

that man knows that sea like the back of his hand

Postman said...

I did have a headwind out on my five-mile walk today. And it was even biting, too. Marginally.

gimme a minute said...

Sounds like some children need to toughen the fuck up,

'I don't want to hear about the blisters, I want you to HAVE FUN!'

With a default setting of 'miserable', whatever the temperature or urine soakedness, I feel I must disagree.

This is your new game now, is it?

Good luck with the Dylan.

Ok so, Shackleton.

Twenty Major said...

I played football in the headwind and rain last night and my fingers went nearly blue but that's ok because football is ace and cycling to work in the snow when you have a perfectly good car is basically mental.

Conan Drumm said...

Doing penance, eh? Mortification of the flesh, that kind of thing?

gimme a minute said...

Twenty Major:
I think "perfectly good" might be overstating it somewhat.

Anyway, you wouldn't understand, you big ball chaser.

Yes, in a word.

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