Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Only evil seems to live forever

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
I guess my Maggie Gyllenhaal post is just going to have to wait. Mick Lally is dead and this fucks me right off. What is it about not a cunt actors that I know and dying? Sure, the whole Tom Murphy thing was ages ago but I can't recall any of the countless absolute wanker actors that I worked with eating dirt sandwiches in the interim. But maybe that's all for the best. Existence is such a horrible sufferfest that long life is surely a greater curse than a relatively youthful death. So I guess, woo hoo! Mick Lally is dead!

Mick was kind and thoughtful and patient and funny. Not like an actor at all. I really liked him. I would go so far as to say that he was my favourite person on the whole gig. But because I enjoy speaking ill of the dead I am searching desperately in my memory for any evidence of his being less than a perfect gent. This is the best I can do: in the days before Youtube, when such a thing was something of a rarity, I lent him a video tape of Richard Burton being interviewed on Parkinson. He never gave it back. I would occasionally bump into him post-Glenroe and he'd always say 'Oh, I still have that video of yours, I must get it back to you..'

But he never did. And now he's dead.

12 Johns and Janes for the comment whore:

Conan Drumm said...

Yeah, decent skin, never worked with him but met him socially once. I hope he's given his proper due as an actor and it's not all about 'Miley'.

Paul said...

Wankers in pubs continually acted like he was their property - "Howiya, Miley!" - and if you were talking to him, you'd see a bit of a grimace, carefully hidden from the aforementioned wankers, denoting just how fucking irritating it must have been to get this all the time when all you wanted was a quiet pint and a smoke. But he would talk to them for a minute, because he was a gentleman, and walk away, and they would never realise how close they had come to getting a public bollocking from one of the finest actors around. I doubt he ever gave any of those wankers the bollocking they richly deserved, because he knew he was lucky to do something he loved and get paid for it, and this was part of the price he paid for that. One of the good ones. Our loss.

Annie said...


Gimme said...

Little chance of that I fear.

Amen and well said.

Wait till you read my Maggie Gyllenhaal one.

Jo said...

Maggie Gylenhall's not dead, is she??

Gimme said...

Not yet...

Radge said...

Did you write a Tom Murphy post a while back? Did you know him?

Gimme said...

The handy search bar reveals:

Yes, I did.

Radge said...

Cheers, I was too lazy and worky to do it myself.

I only saw him on stage once - think it was Shining City. The fact that I remember it was him (small but important role) speaks to his talents.

At least Jade Goody got hers too.

sniffle said...

Fucking bummer over here with brittle shoulder blades and dead actors. He seemed to be a sound man (as was Tom from Pure Mule). Hey, get well soon gimme or titanium shoulder blades.

Andrew said...

Jesus, I'm always learning about deaths through blogs. Never met Mick but Her Indoors had done a good few times and couldn't speak highly enough of him.

And now, upsettingly, I will forever associate him with Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Gimme said...

I'm thinking of starting my own obit blog. I reckon I can just make up encounters if they didn't actually occur.

Like that time I met Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Crabon Fibré, Sniff. Titanium wouldn't have cracked so easily.

Sure where else would you be finding stuff out? Newspapers? Ha!

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