Monday, June 7, 2010

No one wants you when you lose

Monday, June 7, 2010 11
I'm moving. Again. Like you care. Oh, how I wish you'd care. But you won't care, because not unlike my long defunct "The fuck am I doing this for" list of spin classes blog, this new offering will focus purely on the mentalness of the physical. Working on the basis of write what you'd like people to think you know, The Rider from Cycles Goff (for such is its title) is about, you'll never fucking guess, cycling. Cycling what Gimme does and cycling what Gimme would like to do. Cycling what others do, and cycling what Gimme would like others to do. The posts will be brief but reasonably regular and as I have already mentioned, of no discernible interest whatsoever. They will also reflect my new positive outlook on life which includes a dramatic reduction in both obscenity and cynicism. See? You are totally going to fucking hate it.

The Rider from Cycles Goff may be found here. Cycles Goff does popular social media site here.

Thank you for your readership of Stranded on Gaia, I will be sure to return when I find the time to do something but cycle and watch cycling and think about cycling. And now write about cycling.
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