Sunday, September 11, 2011

And a bunch of other cover ups

Sunday, September 11, 2011
I'm going to tell you the truth about 9/11. It's the truth that no one wants you to hear. Not the FBI, not the CIA, not Bush, Obama, no, not even Bin Laden.

What? Sorry? Really? Oh. Really? They did? In, like, a cave or something? No! Really? Less than a mile? No shit. Wow. I missed that. I must have been running. Or folding clothes. Shut up. Look, there hasn't been a West Wing episode about it, the fuck do you expect?


No, not even, whassis name, the guy with the hooks for hands. No one wants to you to hear this truth. 

Now what I'm trying to do here, and let me know if it's not working out, is to give you the impression that I'm some kind of conspiracy theory nutjob who thinks that any of those NeoCon cunts had either the wherewithal to organise a massive operation and cover up like this or felt that they had any pressing need to invent an excuse to invade Iraq. How's that going for me? Do you think I'm kooky yet? Superkook? Kooktastic to the max? Good. Cause here comes the switcheroo. This is not the truth of which I speak. But it's coming now. Here it comes. Ready?

A huge airplane hitting a massive building is cool. Two huge airplanes hitting two separate massive buildings in the space of an hour is double cool. Both of them collapsing demolition style soon after? There are no words for the coolness of this. 

But 2,997 people lost their lives, Gimme. Uh huh.

Kyle Willis is from Cincinnati. He's unemployed. He doesn't have health insurance. And last week he got a toothache. He couldn't afford to have the fucker pulled. His face swelled up. He got a really bad headache. He went to A&E where they gave him two prescriptions, one for painkillers, one for antibiotics. He couldn't afford both. So being in a huge amount of pain, he picked the painkillers. The infection spread, his brain swelled. And now he's dead.  Him and an estimated 44,779 other Americans who die every year because they can't afford treatment.

Toothaches? Not cool. No ten year anniversary celebrations. No memorials. No Bruce Springsteen songs. No irrelevant wars. No never forgets. You want to die in America?  Die cool.

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Good point.

Anonymous said...

9 11 my arse 1 word hiroshima

Gimme said...

All very valid comments.

V said...

As you were saying...

Gimme said...

Me and Penny Red. Now I feel all dirty and left-wing.

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