Saturday, January 5, 2013

The door was open, I was seething

Saturday, January 5, 2013 0
For posterity, a comment I made on this Broadsheet post, which briefly passed moderation and was then taken down. The context, while not essential, is probably useful.

So here's to inbred muck savages hitting each other with sticks.To a language that everyone must learn but that nobody speaks.. To lumpy mash and vegetables boiled to death, Aon Focal Eile and the vomit strewn alleys of Temple Bar. To Cecilia Ahern and Ger Doyle. Ingoldsby and Linehan. To Corrupt Ireland, the Celtic Tiger and my cock. To the systematic degradation of women by church and state, red bull and vodka and Brendan Smyth's red helmet. To marital rape after a night out, beatings  after a Senior Cup final, to Jesus is this your first time setting foot out of Limerick? To Oliver Cromwell, Sophie Toscan du Plantier and Michelle Smith de fucking Bruin.To Ireland's Call and not being so polite that you won't fuck over the poor, the disabled and the weak at every opportunity. To knowing that whatever these things mean now they'll mean even more in the majority of first world countries where women aren't left to die because of religion.

And most importantly to finally leaving, never to return to this putrid shit hole. Fuck you, Eire.

It was probably the bit about my cock that upset them. My cock upsets everyone.
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